Care home north Cornwall

An experienced and dedicated team

Our care staff are a dedicated team who ensure our residents are in a safe and loving environment. Most of our staff have completed an NVQ and we encourage our staff to progress in their training. All staff complete both written and practical training regularly.

The average serving for Atlantis is 9 years, and we have very little staff turnover. Majority of our staff are from the local community, and this is how we recruit. Atlantis is a friendly environment, and our staff always take part in the activities and love working with the residents.

professional team

Dedicated & caring staff

All staff have an enhanced DBS check before working at Atlantis and complete an important induction period under a member of management or our senior care staff.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the care of 20 residents. We work with a range of professionals and have a close working relationship with the local GP practice, district nurses and physios. We offer respite care and a day care service for people in the community.

Atlantis Care Home, North CornwallWe are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the care of 20 residents.

Meet the Management

Steven and Cathy Brailey

Steven and Cathy have been the owners of Atlantis Care Ltd since 1988. Cathy trained as a registered nurse in Liverpool her speciality was as a skin nurse however also covered accident and emergency, children’s wards, and maternity.

Steven started his career as a sales executive and has always been a businessman. Cathy and Steve purchased Atlantis with Steven’s parents where Cathy took a keen interest in dementia, and this became a speciality of Cathy’s. To date she is still passionate around the field of dementia.

Both Cathy and Steve are semi-retired however Cathy’s knowledge and training has been passed on through the home to this date. She continues to have a pro-active role in supporting the management team. Steve’s role within the business still is to continue to make Atlantis a financially viable business and he aways tries to source new and economic ways to manage the business so it can flourish at its full potential.

Debbie Jones

Debbie is the Registered Manager of Atlantis and has been for over 20 years. Debbie has learnt her skills on the job and obtained her management certificate and has continued growing as a manager. Debbie’s skills, knowledge and advice means the care home runs in an effective and nurturing environment. Debbie continues to strive for greatness from her staff and offers the support, time and training for this to happen.

Debbie is the face of Atlantis and has built positive working relationships with the community. Debbie’s expertise lies within everything in the home, but her interests mainly surround dementia care and end of life care.

Rachel Creese

Rachel is the Assistant Manager at Atlantis Care Ltd. Rachel has worked in care for 37 years and is an extremely knowledgeable member of staff. Rachel joined Atlantis in 2012 and was soon promoted to assistant manager. Rachel has many important roles within Atlantis. Rachel audits, manages, and controls all aspects of medication to ensure it is within regulation. Rachel completes clients care plans and has in-depth conversations with clients to ensure their views, wishes and choices are voiced. Rachel’s expertise is surrounding mediation, palliative care, and challenging behaviour.

Matt Brailey-Evans

Matt is the HR Manager at Atlantis Care Ltd and the son of Steve and Cathy Brailey. Matt joined Atlantis in 2012 and has since obtained a NVQ level 3 in business. Matt has a skill in dealing with challenging behaviour. His main role within the business is to liaise with staff ensuring the business has the right level of expertise when caring for peoples loved ones. Matt completes care plans closely alongside Rachel. Matt has a passion for mental health and completes training on this to assist some of our clients.

Beth Peck

Beth is our Deputy Manager/ HR Manager and the granddaughter of Steve and Cathy Brailey. Beth has worked at Atlantis since 2014 at the age of 15 starting as a Saturday kitchen assistant. Beth then went on to complete her NVQ level 3 then leaving to complete her BA (hons) Social Work degree. Beth has now taken on new roles within Atlantis, being both a deputy manager ensuring our staff are completing care to the highest standard as well as ensuring the home is appropriately staffed. Beth’s main interests and expertise in care are The Care Act 2014, promoting choices and independence and palliative care.